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SERVICES - Landscaping Contractors Wallasey & Wirral


We provide CAD (Computer Aided Design), which helps us to plot and develop your conceptual idea into a detailed plan, which we will eventually turn into a beautiful space. Contact Yard Art UK today and transform your ideas into reality.

Check out some of our garden landscape projects and read about our company. We operate throughout Merseyside and Wirral.


Get the complete garden and landscape solution

Would you like to use your patio or back yard throughout the year? You can count on our experienced professionals to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful landscape. Whether you are looking to spend more time with the family and would like a children's play area, or you simply want a BBQ area with some all weather seating, we will create the design that it ideal for you and your budget.

Check out some of our gallery photos and read about our company.

Contact Yard Art UK in Merseyside for a friendly and professional gardening service. Our services are also available in and around Wirral.

Enjoy your garden space through all seasons

Small Garden Design

  • Backyard Seating
  • Planting Schemes for Small Spaces
  • Raised Planters - any material: Timber, Sleepers, Stone
  • Walled Beds
  • Patios, Paths
  • Corner Seating
  • BBQ areas
  • Outsdoor Bars
  • Pallet Made Furniture
  • Wood Store
  • Natural Landscaped Play Areas


Create a beautiful landscape for you and your family

Would you like your kids to have a play area in your garden? You can count on our professional garden designers and landscape specialists to come up with a children's play area idea that complements your home's look and feel. No matter what kind of garden feature you seek, we have the resources and knowledge to make it happen. Check out some of our projects.

We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design all the garden features. Contact Yard Art UK professionals and find out more about us and our services. We serve Merseyside and Wirral.

Enjoy your garden space through all seasons

Comprehensive Landscaping

  • Flat works such as driveways, pathways, walls and rockeries
  • Patios, decking, fences and other hard landscaping features
  • Children's play area, water features, woodland areas, zip wires, dens, stepping stones and more
  • Winter, water, formal, butterfly and other themed gardens
  • Garden sheds, greenhouses, pergolas, trellis and rain harvesting builds


Do you have an outside the box gardening or landscaping idea for your outdoor space? Our professionals will be happy to take up the creative challenge as we don't mind going that extra mile for our customers. Contact Yard Art UK professionals in Merseyside for a complete landscaping solution.

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